Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bobolinks have arrived...

Ken and Janet Etheridge reported siting bobolinks on their walk Sunday evening, May 14. I went out with them Monday evening to see for myself. Among the many red wing blackbirds enjoying the lush grasses along C Lane in the Rocky Hill meadows, were a number of bobolinks, singing their songs and ascending into the late afternoon breeze from the grass. So far no savannah sparrows, yet, but we'll keep our eyes out. Mary Carter has also seen them in the field on the right as you enter the meadows from Ferry Park.

One of the major goals of our IBA data collection project is to identify areas that support grassland addition to these two areas in Rocky Hill. We'll be looking to identify such sites on the Glastonbury side of the River.

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Larry said...

Thanks -I saw some yesterday.-(Saturday)-